Other Resources: This page lists links to more information on websites. (Of course, feel free to google on your own.)

Church Websites – Why they are important?

  1. Why Are Church Websites Important?
  2. 8 Reasons Why Your Church Should Have a Website

Purpose and Functionality of a Church Website

  1. How to Build a Successful Church Website
  2. 6 Tools to Help Build Your Church Brand
  3. 20 of the Best Church Websites in 2020

United Methodist Church Resources

Numerous resources: Including ♦umcom.org, ♦Web Services, ♦Graphics Library, ♦Branding Toolkit.

Find-A-Church page(s) – Every UMC church has information about it (somewhat buried) under Find-A-Church. This basic information can be updated.

Actually Making the Site

  1. How to use Google Sites
  2. WordPress
    1. How to Use WordPress: Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Website
    2. Beginners’ Guide for WordPress
    3. 18 Best Church WordPress Themes for Your Church (2019)
    4. WordPress Support.
  3. HTML –
    1. https://www.w3schools.com/html/ – a great site to learn (and experiment with) HTML is
    2. https://htmlcheatsheet.com/ – HTML CheatSheet

Making Graphics

  1. Canva.
  2. Google drawings.
  3. (other options exist)


  1. Jargon Busting Infographic
  2. Web Design Glossary: 38 Terms & Definitions You Need to Know Infographic – you probably don’t need to know all 38.


  1. It’s Easy To Use Church Websites To Go “Fishing For Men”