I’ve set up this website to help churches learn how to create, maintain, and effectively use a website as a communication tool. I’m especially targeting small churches, but any size church can use this website.

The Overall Process

This how-to training on creating a website for a church has three components:

  1. Online Orientation and Overview of the Website Building Process  (posted by July 12, 2019) – background information on websites, options, and overview of communications. Videos and handouts. This is all online here on this website. Please view this information and videos, and take the suggested steps, before attending Workshop I.
  2. Website Building Workshop I – In this face-to-face workshop I will show how to set up a website and give participants an opportunity to try it for themselves. All participants should bring a laptop to the workshop. (The workshop will be Aug. 10, 2019.)
  3. Website Building Workshop II – This face-to-face workshop is a follow-up to Workshop I. There will be demonstrations of website building, Q&A, trouble-shooting, and more work time.  All participants should bring a laptop to the workshop. (This second workshop will be Sept. 21 , 2019 )


Please see the Blog page for announcements and news.

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